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Love Aaj Kal

I watched the movie on the second day of its release. I had read the review before where Times rated it a 4-star movie. I must say the movie lived up to it. I simply loved the first half and although the second half was a little rushed, it was still a very good watch. 'Ye Dooriyan' was an exceptionally soothing track among others that make up a good music album. What surprised me though was that most people found the movie boring. I attribute it to the fact that it takes a mature and open audience to appreciate this movie and most people are anything but that. There are very few people who go to the theatre to watch a movie and actually try to comprehend what the director is trying to convey through the scenes. No wonder the Indian movie industry is simply thriving on the big name actors while lower budget movies aren't even being downloadd illegally on the net. This being the case with the movies, I really don't see how play-artists will make it big in India.

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