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Change your world!

With the rampant scams in the political scene in the background, it is important to note the reactions of two prominent personalities in Indian politics today. First, Sonia Gandhi speaking out in favour of Manmohan Singh. Even though she did the right thing by coming out and defending him publicly, her justification for the Congress led UPA being better than the BJP led NDA is plain ridiculous. Second, the reaction by the Karnataka chief minister Yeddyurappa equals that in every aspect.

Sonia Gandhi came out and said that the action taken by the Congress in sacking the Maharashtra chief minister, not to mention A Raja and Shashi Tharoor is proof enough that the Congress is better than the BJP as they have failed to take similar action on erring ministers in Karnataka, while Yeddyurappa has asked the Congress to sort out the issues in the unproductive session of the parliament before poking their noses in the affairs of Karnataka. The interesting thing to be noted here is the blame game taking place. Both are pointing the finger at each other while neither has the dignity to accept its mistake and to deal appropriately with it.
Sonia Gandhi claims sacking ministers is action enough. I think NOT! All the "actions" being taken and the reactions we are hearing only seem half-hearted at best. It is like a teenager lying to his parents that he won't consume alcohol again while thinking which pub he's going to go to the next weekend. There is no sign of understanding of the consequences. Just barricading the temporary abuse that will be hurled their way if they show indifference. Sadly, this is all that the abuse hurlers expect in the first place. They are resigned to the fact that there will not be any real action. The reaction from 'We the people' is like that of a dad shouting at his son for consuming alcohol until the son says sorry, while he later goes to the wife and tells her to prepare a fancy dish for the son to make up for the bust up earlier. We should not be treating these politicians (read fraudsters, criminals, looters, etc) like we treat our children. This is the mistake most parents make with their children. They pamper them unnecessarily. Similarly, we are pampering our politicians and putting them on a pedestal. I agree that a mom will love her son just the same even if he commits a murder and goes to jail. She will still welcome him with a garland of fresh flowers with a smile on her face when he is released. We should not love our politicians the same way! Here, I can see many of you shaking your heads and calling me crazy while at the same time thinking you don't love any politician. Forget love, you don't even vote for them during an election! If you ask me, that's love enough for the politicians. They don't care about your votes. It is those unfortunate souls that do not have access to newspapers, books or the Internet that are happy enough to pocket a few easy bucks or down a couple of quarters at the local shop and vote for these politicians. Its about time we stopped showering these third-rate human beings with motherly love and then rue the fact that they haven't lived up to our expectations but continue to shower them with motherly love nevertheless. It is about time we showed them their place. Apathy isn't going to work, not for us at least. We need to show them how we feel.
But, I don't see this happening as we are all corrupt ourselves. Again, going back to the example, we'll be like the father admonishing his son for consuming alcohol while at the same time thinking of the good old days when he used to do that in his college days. We are like that! We can only hurl so much abuse at the politicians while at the same time, we would do the same things that we are disapproving of had we been in that place. Mahatma Gandhi said a long time ago now 'Be the change that you want to see in this world.' So, that's the way to go about it. Debating on television, launching protests, blocking progress in the parliament, absenting from voting in an election should all take the back seat. Well, they should be thrown out of existence. Instead, show motherly love to the politicians (and others). Do it by being the role model. Make them feel like making their mothers proud. But in order to achieve any results, you should first BELIEVE that you can bring about the change by being the change. So, get out there and show some belief. Show the world what you can do. If Obama could become the most influential person on the planet by urging people to be the change, if Mahatma Gandhi could immortalise himself by urging people to be the change, why can't any of you? Be the change and you will see the change in the world around you!

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