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Dual Standard

We are all ambitious. Some of us want to be rich. Some of us want to be smarter than everyone else around us. Some of us want to be positively associated with beautiful/handsome, smart, intelligent, sexy, cool and a whole lot of other adjectives. But we all want to be something more and we consciously or unconsciously work towards achieving these ambitions. Let us consider two examples, one that deals with individual ambition and another that deals with something more.

First, when a person is humiliated or even joked about in good humour, he will always try to hide that quality of his that was made fun of or better yet, try to overcome it. Be it joked about for being poor, not being smart, being ugly, being fat, or being black (don't raise your eyebrows, why do you think Fair & Lovely is such a success?), he will always try to better himself in that aspect from that moment on. I don't blame him. This is a natural reaction. Very few cases see the person stating he's happy the way he is (not just stating it out to end the laughter, but meaning it in his head).
Second, when a person is working for an organization, he will always try to please his boss. He will ideally put in his utmost and contribute to the betterment of the organization, but at the very least, he will try to stay out of trouble and ensure that he does enough work to keep his job and avoid being fired. Here again, the applicability of my claim is only to a majority (albeit a huge one) of the people. There will be weirdos like 'Satyam' Raju who jump off the roof of a building and end up landing on a company car and smashing it, and of course, killing himself. But these weirdos are a minority.
Enter dual standard.
Consider the two examples again. But this time, replace the person being humiliated and the company boss with the Indian population, and the people doing the humiliating and the company worker with the government. The world turns upside down. The minority becomes an overwhelming majority and vice versa. Why do we, even though we know the government is humiliating us by squandering (and filling their pockets with it too) our money and driving us to poverty and unemployment, show absolute apathy? Why do we accept it without the slightest protest? Why are we getting used to being treated that way? We are the boss and the country is our organization and Manmohan Singh and co are our employees. Treat them with as much dignity as you treat your maid, an auto-driver or the person who collects garbage from your house. Do not treat them like the idols that you keep in the most sacred of rooms in your house.
The media is finding more and more black paint to smear the UPA government every single day and the trend doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. Scam after scam orchestrated by the Manmohan Singh government was unearthed, but Dr. Manmohan Singh is a man of impeccable integrity. Then a scam orchestrated by a department (Department of Space) under his own control came to light, but still, Dr. Manmohan Singh is a man of impeccable integrity.
Then he drew ire for the appointment of one (tainted?) PJ Thomas as head of CVC, but still, Dr. Manmohan Singh is a man of impeccable integrity. The latest allegation has been via the cash-for-vote cable, but still, Dr. Manmohan Singh is a man of impeccable integrity. I have noted down in my diary to make it a point to find out the secret (of course its a secret! His acts out in the open don't really qualify as those by a man of "impeccable" integrity) behind his impeccable integrity, so that, one day, when I'm CEO of some company, I won't have to worry about being fired even if I lead my company into the dumps (which I won't, but just hypothetically), because I'll be a man of impeccable integrity.
Getting back to the point, I simply cannot comprehend how a majority of you are letting your employees off the hook even when you know that they're the prime reason for the sluggish progress, bad name, low profits, excessive debt, internal employee conflicts, etc, etc. If you say you're a lousy boss, then I tell you you're also a shareholder in the organization. How can you not demand accountability when you have invested your hard earned money in the organization? How can you not demand the ousting of those responsible for policy making, whose very policies are eating into and eroding your investments? We have long since hit the stop-loss mark. Its time to salvage what is left of our investment. It is time to bring efficiency, accountability and ethics back into the game. It is time for an overhaul. It is upto you to kill the dual standard between you as an individual and you as a society, as a country, and turn the world back on its feet. Go do it now!

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