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When your entire life flashes past your eyes in that final moment before you die, what would you like to see?

That's a really tough question in itself. But if you get past that, here's a tougher one for you. What, if anything, are you doing to make that wish come true?

Each of you might answer those questions differently. But, I'm pretty sure none of you would want to see how insecure you were all through your life during that final moment. Why then, are most of you so insecure in nearly every aspect of your life? Don't say that you're not, 'cause you'll only be kidding yourselves if you do. Every time you have that queasy feeling in your stomach when you haven't looked at some slide that someone else has even though you're pretty confident of having covered all topics, when you witness your peers 'interact' with certain company employees and decide to join in on the conversation even though you know you have nothing to say which is worth the time of any party involved in the conversation, you're experiencing insecurity.

A lot of motivators have been discussed so far, but I'm not sure if insecurity has been one of them. Over the past few months, I have observed that insecurity is a big motivator (quite often the only motivator). This means that all the confidence that is portrayed is just a mask. The problem with insecurity being a motivator is that it fails to be a motivator when the bare minimum requirement is met. Also, the end hogs all the spotlight while the means followed to achieve them aren't given even a first glance. This leads to a stagnation in innovation and will result in killing diversity. Do you really want to see that you were just one of 7 billion people who did nothing in his life but try and try and try to overcome his insecurities?

The problem with trying to overcome your insecurities is just that you will always remain in the 'trying' stage. You will not overcome your insecurity by trying to overcome it. You do it by growing confident. So, how do you grow confident? You grow confident when you do things to better your own standards and expectations, not when you try to gain external validation. No amount of external validation is enough to drive away insecurity that is within you. What is within has to be driven out from within.

Wouldn't you like to see the life of a confident man flash past your eyes when you reach that final moment? Wouldn't you like to leave with a satisfied smile on your face? Wouldn't you, now?

So, what is it that is stopping you from growing a pair?

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