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Facebook goes the Television way

That's right. Facebook is looking to introduce 15 second video ads on its platform. And it wants to charge brands $1 million a day for being able to show their video ads on the Facebook platform. It hopes to rope in brands for four ad-slots - men over 30, women over 30, men under 30 and women under 30. With one brand in each category, Facebook expects to rake in $4 million a day with the introduction of this feature.

The video ads are expected to roll out in late June or early July according to Adage. How will the ads look and where will they appear? Facebook is either being tight-lipped about it or it has sent out its sales force to sign on brands without finalizing on the specifics yet. While Facebook claims that it can work video ads into the multitude of mobile users, I hope they're not banking on Facebook Home to get this going.

Sheryl Sandberg was saying to journalists "The size of the audience makes this - the phone - a mass medium.  Its as important to a marketer as TV, if not more important!". This, while the whole of the marketing world has been harping on about the capabilities provided by platforms like Facebook for personalised marketing efforts. Has the talk come a full circle?

It is understandable why Sheryl Sandberg seems to be taking Facebook in this direction. While Google continues to grow its revenues from video ads (through Youtube), Facebook wants a piece of the action as well. But will it work out as anticipated for them? Only time will tell.

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