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The new Coca Colahhhhh! campaign

There are thousands of ways to explain how Coca Cola makes you feel, and one way to describe them: AHH!

Visit the umbrella website of this new campaign to see what it is all about. This website is on the domain 'Ahh'. And for each 'h' you add in the domain, you'll see a different creative waiting for you. There are 61 such pages, with everything from GIFs to games that all revolve around (you guessed it) Coca Cola. Apart from these, the site also asks users to submit their 'Ahhhh' idea so that it can be added to the campaign.

This campaign is being targeted at teenagers. All the pages are better viewed on a mobile device in my opinion. Credit to Coca Cola for making the user experience entertaining. When content marketing is turning cliche, here is Coca Cola bringing a whole new perspective to content, with this campaign.

While there has been a lot of talk about brands providing valuable content at regular intervals to its followers, Coca Cola has brought a new twist to it. With this campaign, Coca Cola is banking on its creative capabilities rather than context or any other attribute that lies outside the realm of the brand. Coca Cola is not looking to appear next to seemingly relevant posts, search results or tweets. It is looking to draw users to its site instead, voluntarily.

Just like the Oreo tweet during the Super Bowl, this is not at all easy to replicate. It is easy enough to replicate the campaign, but not the impact, as hordes of brands have realised after failing to replicate the Oreo tweet.

I think Coca Cola has done something really innovative here, and the campaign holds a lot of promise. I have not seen all the 'Ahhhh's yet, but I liked the ones that I've seen so far. Another thing I liked about the 'Ahhh' pages is the simple (but elegant) design. They know what they want the customers to see and they've ensured there's nothing other than that.

The campaign gets a big thumbs up from me. What do you think?

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