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How likeable are you?

Before you answer that, you should be asking, 'Does it matter?'

Sure, it matters in getting favours, in frequently receiving dinner invitations, in fitting in, in becoming just another member in the society. But nobody believes in your ideas just because they like you. Nobody will back your ideas with their money just because they like you. Nobody will buy your product just because they like you. Yes, being likeable helps. But, its only the first step.

Several marketers and advertisers are focusing mostly on the 'likeable' aspect. Having your video go viral or your video spots not skipped on Youtube or having millions of likes on your Facebook page means nothing if you fail in the next step. The next step is when the people who liked the advertisement will consider what value the product offers them.

Only if they are convinced at this step will they part with a part of their wallet to buy your product. The CFO and Operations Lead of Square, Sarah Friar mentioned in an interview with HBR recently that Square is focusing more on development and bringing out more features that add value to their customers and less on advertising.

It only makes sense to invest in your marketing efforts once you have a remarkable product. Otherwise, your efforts might generate a lot of interest and bring in customers who will then not be convinced about the value of your product. This will take a big hit on your credibility.

Focus on being likeable. But make sure you have something of value once the likeability test has been passed.

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