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The Idea Muscle

It is common knowledge that you need to exercise your body regularly to keep it in shape. It is impossible to wake up one day and run a marathon. You need to train for it. The training is not just in terms of running a mile every morning, or hitting the gym for an hour every day. It involves everything from following a healthy diet, working out, running regularly, staying in the right frame of mind, and many many more things.

Keeping your body fit is not a deliberate act. In fact, it is a lifestyle choice. You make the right choices for your daily routines and you'll keep your body fit.

It is no different when it comes to keeping your mind fit and creative. It is impossible to just turn up one day with the next big marketing idea unless you do creative things on a regular basis. Creativity is not something you're born with. It is a lifestyle choice. Just like you keep your body in shape by working out regularly, following a healthy diet and so on, you do the same for your mind. If you aspire to be a writer, you ought to be a voracious reader, you ought to write stuff everyday. You have to pick a right mix of things to read just like you would pick a healthy diet. You ought to write stuff every single day just like you would go for a run or hit the gym every day. If you want to be a marketer, you need to make it your business to understand customers of whatever products you come across. If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, you need to look to create value in whatever you do.

If you want to be in the creative business, you need to exercise your Idea Muscle on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will be trying to run a marathon after a month of sitting at home and watching TV, ordering Domino's every night. 

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