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Brand building must be a singular effort

Marketing plans are often approached with a specific budget in mind or some specific communication channels in mind. How do I make the best marketing plan with $50,000? I've been told that we should be on Facebook. What is the best plan to get the most out of it?

With Marketing departments being divided into teams based on the channel of communication, and with each of those teams being evaluated on the basis of the performance of the marketing efforts on that channel, it is only natural that the silo approach is taking centre stage.

Brand building must be a singular effort. Marketing plans must only focus on one thing. Identifying the needs of the target audience and communicating to them the ways in which the product helps fulfill those needs. There is no need to have complicated marketing plans. There is no need for each team to show a positive RoI. Marketing plans make little sense when developed in silos. It has to be a singular effort.

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