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Contagious Excitement

This is the feeling every marketer wants to evoke in her target audience. Every brand wants to be the reason, the cause for the feeling of contagious excitement. But only a handful succeed.

The ones that do succeed almost never achieve this as a result of their marketing efforts. They achieve it by making remarkable products. When Apple is about to release a new product, there is contagious excitement. Before the start of the Barclays Premier League season, there is contagious excitement. Before a new Christopher Nolan movie is released, there is contagious excitement. Because the products coming out are expected to be remarkable.

It is the dream of every brand to get their audience feeling this way. It is the dream of every organization to get their employees feeling this way.

Steve Jobs made a name for himself by obsessing about focusing on making remarkable products. Focusing on the product first and the customers next.

Many brands, in the garb of engaging their audiences, are trying a host of things but are continuing to dole out products that are just about good enough. No wonder people are growing more averse to advertisements by the day.

You can find about 322,000,000 results when you search for 'how to make a video viral'. All nonsense. There is only one way to make a video viral, to make an idea viral, to make a product viral. That is to make it bloody darn good.

Obsess about making the product remarkable. All else follows.

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