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We all want a Messi

"A formidable person is one who seems like they'll get what they want, regardless of whatever obstacles are in the way."
                      - Paul Graham

When I read this, the first person that came to my mind was Lionel Messi.

We all want a Messi. In our team, in our organization, in the political party we vote for. We want a Messi wherever it matters.

It is easy to find people with accomplishments. It is easy to find people with a fancy resume. But they are rarely formidable. For comparison, Fernando Torres is a World Cup winner, a Euro winner (with a Golden Boot), a Champions League winner, Europa League winner, FA Cup winner. But I will have to shield myself from brickbats if I even compare him to Lionel Messi.

It is not a dream if you can do it. This makes a formidable person with a dream the biggest asset to any organization. If an organization turns away a formidable person saying nobody is bigger than the organization and its rules, it is obvious who the loser is. Majority of the employees in an organization are moulded by the existing rules. Their dream rarely aligns with that of the organization. When a formidable person whose dream does align with that of the organization turns up, it has to go to every length to keep her. 

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