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Who is your hero?

No love story is written about a couple who are perfectly compatible, have the same interests, and understand each other perfectly. No story is written about a bright kid who has always topped her class, and who goes on to do well in her chosen career. No story is written about a superhero who can effortlessly overcome all opposition.

Nobody wants to read (or watch) a story where everything is perfect from start to end. There is nothing to take out of such a story. The story has to involve troubles and difficulties that are overcome. It must involve adherence to principles. None of us are perfect. But we all aspire to be. Nothing spurs those aspirations than an inspiring story.

We all need inspiration. I have always found it easier to look for inspiration in fiction than in real-life characters. As Bruce Wayne says in Batman Begins, "As Bruce Wayne, I am a man of flesh and blood. I can be destroyed. I can be ignored. But as a symbol (Batman), I can be incorruptible. I can be ever-lasting". Right from Robert Langdon in the four novels based on him, Harry Potter in the seven-book series, Batman in Christopher Nolan's trilogy, Ajay Devagan in Singham, Leonardo Di Caprio in The Great Gatsby, to Goku in Dragonball Z, you can find a variety of characters in different scenarios, hailing from different backgrounds, facing different obstacles. But all have their purity at heart, their adherence to principles and their dedication to chase their goal, in common. They are all inspiring characters.

There is inspiration all around. There are heroes all around. You just need to choose who you want your hero to be. Who you admire. Who you want to emulate.

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