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Commodity or Luxury

If you are working at a company, small or big, it is extremely likely for you to have heard that your organization always keeps the customer's priorities first. All the systems and processes will be designed to make sure you support your customers as best you can. Not just while designing products and selling them, but while addressing customer queries through your customer care portal.

It's a good practice, isn't it?

Not entirely. You do need to put customers' priorities first. But not all customers. If your strategy is to make a product that will satisfy at least 80% of the customer needs that you aim to address, or if your strategy is to ensure query resolution within 6 hours of the time when the ticket was raised, you will spend a huge chunk of time servicing customers who make up a very little portion of the revenue pie.

You're not building a community by doing this. If you go out of your way to satisfy the needs of customers who bring little revenue, but a lot of complaints, it is a huge drain on your vital resources. And for no good reason either.

If you put in your best efforts in satisfying the needs of such customers, then such are the customers you will attract. If you decide to dedicate most of your resources to satisfying the needs of customers who appreciate your work, who seek you out and who are willing to give and take (as opposed to take and take), then such are the customers you will attract.

It is true that the former category of customers are much larger in number as compared to the latter. If you're focusing on the latter, you're making a luxury product for a community that wants to belong and that takes pride in consuming your product. If you're focusing on the former, you are making a commodity product.

It is up to you to decide what kind of product you wish to make.

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