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Its not my problem

How often do you hear that? I'm guessing very. On the streets while passing by people who could have been helped. At the work place when someone failing to meet a deadline. When a customer is facing a problem whose responsibility is evaded through a disclaimer. When the government fails to provide good infrastructure.

We are ready to live with a lot of consequences. Ready to blame others for them. But never ready to take the blame ourselves for those consequences.

This is especially true when it comes to product manufacturers. A lot of thought goes into making products in a way that enables the manufacturers to say 'Its not my problem' when the customer is in trouble.

You would think it makes business sense. It makes financial sense, yes, that too only in the short term. But it does not make business sense.

It is best to isolate grumpy customers (and incentivise them to move their accounts to competitors) who are in trouble, as long as they are few. But, if the grumpy customers are few in number, it makes little difference financially to ease their troubles and turn them happy. It takes a lot of difference in attitude though.

Its not our problem, but why should that stop us from finding a solution?

In answer, a quote from The Dark Knight comes to mind, "If you're good at something, never do it for free". But we all know where the Joker ended up.

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