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I'm not useless

Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory says this in one of the episodes. While this is meant to be funny one-liner, this (or variations of this) is what most people are saying today.

I'm not useless. I topped my batch at an IIM.
I'm not worthless. I'm a Partner at a big firm that everyone wants to work for.
Entering a reputed institute and having a fancy title at work is nothing great. It is just like buying insurance. When you fail to create value to the society, it will allow you to convince some people that you can bring value to the table. Until they realize you don't. That's when you start figuring out how to get the next promotion. Insurance for the next term.

You can either constantly pursue reasons that will enable you to justify your perceived value temporarily. Or you can create lasting value.

You can either buy insurance.

Or you can ship your art.

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