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After Chelsea's loss to Crystal Palace last night, a reporter asked Jose Mourinho in the post-match interview "What is the quality you desire in your side?"
Mourinho, in reply, "I cannot say in front of cameras. I can write it on paper."
When handed a notepad by one of the media persons, he wrote, "balls".

We all need a bit of that.

The courage to go out and perform at our best irrespective of where the conditions fare on a favourability scale of 1-100.

Achieving something when all the conditions are favourable needs merely knowledge or ability. Making a decision when all the data is available is just a straight forward calculation. There is no challenge. It can just be automated.

Football matches are played in any weather and the opposition can employ any possible tactic. Irrespective of that, a team has to succeed. Just like we need to go out and succeed irrespective of what situation we are in.

And for that, knowledge and ability matter but little.

What matters is the mentality and the attitude, or as Mourinho not-so-subtly put it, balls.

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