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The Other Side

We are often convinced with our rationale behind decisions. Each of us argue and rationalise and arrive at decisions in our own way. We always think we are right. But often there is no right or wrong. There are fifty shades of grey (no pun intended).

Everything we have seen and observed all through our lives contribute to the decision making algorithms that rule our brains.

We tend to like and get along with those whose brains are wired in similar ways to our own. We tend to argue with those who think slightly different from the way we do. But we are never comfortable arguing with those who have a radically different thought process.

These are the people who will introduce us to the other side. The other side of the argument that is radically different from ours. The other side that will consider consequences we could never think of. The other side that challenges our axioms. The other side that broadens our perspective.

Unfortunately, such arguments are discarded and cast aside far before they have the opportunity to broaden our perspective.

This is the reason diversity is the call of the hour. Race, gender, geography, religion, academic background are all mere proxies for diversity. They may or may not serve the purpose. The only diversity that matters is that of thought.

We need to see the other side. More importantly, we need to engage with people who will show it to us.

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