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What's your story?

The world is abound with stories. No matter where you look, you will find one. Right from political election campaigns and sales pitches to job interviews and casual conversations, there are always stories. Some central, many peripheral.

Everything you do is either a result of the stories you tell yourself or stories told by others that you believe in. This is why some can do amazing things under adversity while some others crumble to pieces at the slightest sign of pressure.

Products that have a well-defined story about why they exist and whom they hope to serve last far longer than ones that are willing to do anything for anyone to gain social shares and quick bucks.

When you go after everyone, there is no consistent story that you can tell. Very few succeed in telling a compelling story at such a level of abstraction that a large number of people are able to relate to it despite their differences. 

It is possible to tell different stories to different sets of people and convince them all to buy your product. But, as politicians will attest to, it is nearly impossible to live up to all these disparate claims. 

Make your story compelling. And be willing to leave behind those whom the story does not apply to.

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