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Knowledge is perception

Plato wrote:
Knowledge is nothing but perception.
The objective of every marketer is to change the way her audience perceives her product. She might be trying to convey that her product provides the best value for money, the easiest way to solve the problem, the most popular way of doing something.

It is always possible to make her case with numbers, with hard facts. But such an approach rarely resonates. Imagine a diamond-maker wanting to differentiate her diamond that ends up being a part of a ring or some other jewelry. She can do this by comparing her product with the competition in terms of carat, clarity, colour and cut. These are all quantifiable items.

But it is a futile exercise as many people who shop for diamond jewelry only look at these as an afterthought, if at all. Their main concern is the story about it that they perceive.

An alternative approach is that taken by Forevermark, by the De Beers group. They provide a unique number for every diamond they sell and maintain a history about every piece of diamond, right from how it was sourced.

I have observed such differences among restaurants, chocolates, phones, and many more products.

Even though everyone seems to understand that all customer knowledge is nothing but their perception, many still try to address problems that will not change the customer perception in any way. 

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