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The Slow Lane

If you are reading this, that means you have experienced what browsing on the Internet could be like if Service Providers are allowed to charge website owners to ensure their websites load quickly for users.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing new rules to allow Internet service providers to discriminate based on content to provide separate and unequal connection speeds.

This means there will be a 'fast lane' for those websites that pay the fee and a 'slow lane' for the ones that don't. You saw what it would be to visit a website on the 'slow lane' in the pop-up that appeared before this. Don't worry, you will only see that pop-up once.

At least, you had a 'Make This Stop' button that made it stop and let you access the site. With the rule implemented, the only way to make it stop might be to shell out some money. Either you will have to do it and choose the websites you wish to access on the 'fast line' like you do TV channels on your set-top box, or the website owners have to do it. Either way, it will result in an experience similar to the one you faced.

Although the precedent is being set in the US, it could soon affect us in India as well. It will anyway be applicable to the sites you visit based out of the US.

I'm a strong proponent for net neutrality and so are the guys behind the #StopTheSlowLane effort.

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