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Taking your time

One of the things I heard often during my MBA, from professors, from industry stalwarts, from alumni, from my peers, was this:
If all the data needed was available, we wouldn't need smart people to make decisions.
There is a demand for smart people because there isn't enough data available allowing for a straight-forward decision to be made. There is a demand for skilled workers because there isn't enough time to first train and then build. There is a demand for valuable products (as opposed to perfect ones) because there isn't enough money to spend on achieving perfection.

Sure, you can postpone your decision until you have all the data, postpone building your product until you have solved all the problems in the way, postpone shipping your art until you are sure nobody will reject or criticise it.

You can take your time in doing something. But it may not make the slightest difference to anyone, even to you.

What you do is remarkable not because you did it, but because you did it in time to make a difference, you did it against the odds.

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