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Facebook revenues grow 61%

USA Today:
Facebook grew revenue 61% and more than doubled second-quarter profit while making even more money from ads targeted at users on mobile devices, sending shares to record highs.
Even without the talk of users moving away from Facebook to the new and cool things, be it WhatsApp or SnapChat or something else, these revenue numbers are staggering.

This shows that despite the growth of other apps, Facebook still serves its purpose for the users. It might not be the most popular destination for messaging, but then again, I would expect it to be unlikely that any advertisement would draw people away from the conversation they are having.

Just like advertising on StumbleUpon still serves its purpose by generating/increasing traffic to your site, Facebook seems to be doing so as well, better than many other social apps.

I would put them both in a similar category. Be it StumbleUpon or Facebook, the user is casually browsing through the items in the feed, not really deeply engaged, not engrossed in the content. A user is far more likely to click on an advertisement when she is not really looking for anything specific.

With the number of Facebook users growing, it is increasing the connections which will allow it to bring the user back to the site for those ten to fifteen minutes of browsing through the news feed. Which means, it is not unreasonable to expect Facebook to keep up this growth.

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