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Who are you pleasing?

We are always pleasing someone. Always.

Most people are pleasing their bosses, pleasing their parents, pleasing their spouses, pleasing their kids, pleasing their neighbours, pleasing somebody. And a few are pleasing themselves.

When evaluating the consequences of going through with an action, of confronting the status quo, of questioning the underlying assumptions, the most risk-averse option is chosen because that is the best way to ensure we please whoever we are trying to please.

As a result, unconvincing explanations are accepted, immature ideas are promoted and illogical thoughts encouraged. From time to time.

The answer is not for everyone to do things only in ways that will please themselves. Then we are just a bunch of individuals. There is no society. Quite often, it is someone other than ourselves that needs to be pleased with what we are doing.

It doesn't help if we always bring our risk-averse self to the table while judging, evaluating or listening to what others are doing. We need to push them to please our risk-loving, and more daring side as well on occasion. That is when the best ideas come to life.

That is when we ship things that matter.

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