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Knocking down little barriers

It is that time of the year when we start thinking about making resolutions for the new year. But, a large majority of the people that do, do not end up seeing it through.

I live on the fourth floor of my apartment building. My bicycle is downstairs in the basement garage. Not only that, but it's tucked behind my girlfriend's car. Not only that, but it's hanging from a rack on the wall. Not only that, but it's locked to the rack with two locks. In order to ride my bike, I have to hurdle several barriers. They're small barriers, to be sure, but they're enough. I don't ride nearly as often as I did five years ago when I could step out the front door, grab my bike, and pedal away into the sunset.
- JD Roth

Just like it is not enough to solve a reasonably painful problem to have a successful product, it is not enough to have good resolutions to see them through. 

Building a product that solves a problem for the users is only half the work. A lot of people can and do do it. But the reason only a couple of them become really successful is because they have the least number of these little barriers. 

Every little barrier knocked down, is guaranteed to increase adoption of your product.

So this new year, don't just make resolutions. Plan your routine, the layout of your house, the route you take to work, and other such things in such a way that you knock down the little barriers that can stop you from seeing your resolutions through. 

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