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The Best Customer Service Experience

Over the years, I've interacted with many customer service executives, online, over phone, in-person, across sales counters, handling customer complaints, retrieving data requested, and other situations.

Recently, I had a chance to interact with Google's Customer Support. In an otherwise fantastic experience which had everything from near-zero wait-time, clear understanding of my problem, instant resolution, and follow-up to see that everything is still working as expected, the only point where I felt let down was when a human being came online at the other end of the call to resolve my problem.

I felt let down not because of the experience, but because Google is yet to completely automate this process and remove any dependency on humans.

Nevertheless, it was easily my best customer service experience which stands out in comparison to other poor experiences I have had with other companies in the past couple of weeks, where I have had to follow-up multiple times to reach a resolution, and in one particular case, haven't yet reached a resolution after repeated escalations.

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