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Air pollution for dessert, anyone?

At a Meringue food cart in New York city, you can taste the fluffy dessert, which is 90% air, made from urban smog. This exhibition has its origins in Bangalore where a few college students made desserts from urban air to highlight the issue of air pollution.

If you commute to work in a two-wheeler in Bangalore, you will have experienced the issue of air pollution first-hand. Yet, nobody really does anything about it. How does what you (as one person) do make any difference, right? That is the tragedy of commons.

At the Meringue food cart, the first question everyone asks after hearing about the dessert made out of urban smog is 'Is it safe to eat?' and the response is always 'Is it safe to breathe?'

You will only think about it when your attention is explicitly brought to the topic. The subconscious has already accepted that nothing can be done to reduce air pollution, that it is something we have to inevitably live with.

You can read more about this here.

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