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The Stand-in

The stand-in is usually referred to in the context of shooting movies. She is someone who stands in place of the actor while the lighting, etc is adjusted so that the actor can spend that time being more productive elsewhere. Besides, its expensive to have the actor on set and not working, whereas stand-ins are a lot more affordable.

The stand-in gains absolutely no skill by doing her job and will never replace the actor (the stand-in is different from an understudy).

With technology improving at breakneck speed, the number of jobs are not being reduced. The opportunities are still high, only the necessary skill set needed to grab those opportunities are varying with the changes in technology.

Following in the foot steps of someone who has done well is no longer a good idea. The ground they worked on has already morphed into something new.

It is time to constantly up-skill in the direction of technological advancements and to chart your own path. Otherwise, you will merely perform the role of a stand-in with little hope of ever taking the center stage yourself.

Are you standing-in for technology to automate your job cheaper than you can do it? Or are you bringing in something unique and insightful?

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