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I'm not wearing hockey pads

"There were more copycats today Alfred. This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I said I want to inspire the people of Gotham."
- Bruce Wayne

No two people are alike. We all bring something different to the table. We come with different skill sets, different backgrounds, different world views. Yet, we all tend to see someone be a success and are inspired to do things exactly the way they have done it (or continue to do it).

The take away is more often about how somebody is going about a task and replicating it for doing our own task. Haruki Murakami has run a marathon each year for twenty five years and I'm inspired by him. But I can't possibly follow the same lifestyle or the same routine that he did in order to do something similar. Maybe I don't even have to do something similar.

Inspiration is less about seeing someone perform a feat and wanting to achieve the same end goal. I can be inspired by Steve Jobs to make a dent in the Universe in my own way and not necessarily by shipping elegant products that users fall in love with.

You don't have to do anything remotely related to what your source of inspiration did, but you can still be inspired by them and their actions to change the way you do your own thing.

People of Gotham didn't have to wear a make-shift Batman outfit and attempt to fight criminals. They just had to stop corruption in their own way, probably by not paying a bribe or by not expecting one to do their job. 

Inspiration is not about wanting to have the accolades that someone had, nor about doing things the way someone else would have done. It is about immersing yourself in making a difference. Making a difference the way your source of inspiration did.

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