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Show is soul's cover-up

"Show is soul's cover-up.
So much bravado. So much posturing. Positioning.
All to distract from the simple fact that you really don't quite know who you are. Or what you're doing. And the last thing you want is for others to know, too.
 So, you put on a show. And it brings in an audience.
But an audience is not a community. Not a business. Nor a tribe. 
An audience stays as long as you perform.
A community stays as long as you serve."
- Jonathan Fields

I have a fairly wide audience, but a small community. It is true of most people. 

As a product, you need a community, not an audience. An audience comes to you only when there is nothing better or cheaper around. And there is always something better or cheaper around. 

So you stop the show. Bring out the soul. And serve.

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