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Work and Art

Art is usually thought of as creative work, something on the edge. You wouldn't call what you and I do, or what every product company does, or what Chetan Bhagat and Pitbull do as art. Art is reserved for something special, something that makes a difference, something that touches.

If it is not art, then it is work. Something that is done for reasons other than the work itself. Something where there is room to hide behind rules and processes and managers and lack of resources. Something where it is alright to not give your everything. Something where you are not too concerned when the outcome doesn't move people. Something where you are more focused on not making errors as opposed to push the edges.

But the truth is, you can be an artist no matter what it is that you do. The moment you realise that there is no perfection in art, you are half way there. When you are making art, you are finding a way to express your beliefs, your thoughts and your world views to the rest of the world. You are not choosing an audience and figuring out what they want and then figuring out what to hand them. You are putting something out there irrespective of whether there are takers for it or not.

And therein lies the differentiator between work and art. Sometimes, there might be no takers for your art and you have to do work to survive.

Thankfully, you now have access to everyone in this world with an Internet connection. So, there is a lot more opportunity to put your art out there before you default back to work.

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