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Automate Everything

"I have always believed that technology should do the hard work - discovery, organization, communication - so users can do what makes them happiest: living and loving, not messing with annoying computers! That means making our products work together seamlessly."
- Larry Page

I never get food delivered at home, I very rarely order something online, I prefer to drive myself rather than book a cab with a driver, and so on. I believe that one shouldn't expect to get someone else to do something for them if they are not willing to do the same thing for someone else. Would you deliver food to someone's door? Would you deliver groceries? Would you drive a stranger to some place they want to go? You'll get paid for it, of course. But, would you do it? I'm guessing not. Maybe you will if you really need the money.

I'm trying to point out that there are a lot of "jobs" that people do only so they can make some money and wouldn't do it otherwise. There is nothing really to learn in these jobs, there isn't much of a skill development. These jobs only exist because it is either more expensive to have it automated or the technology isn't yet there to automate it.

These are the most exciting areas to work in right now. A lot of projects under Alphabet like the driverless cars, Loon, Wing, Calico are all looking to automate various aspects of our lives. As Larry Page puts it, there is only one thing common across all these projects. They are 'billion person' projects. Each of these ideas has the potential to impact and change the lives of a billion people.

A lot of high-valued startups today, especially in India, are focused on making the lives of customers easy by making the lives of someone else (delivery persons?, drivers?) difficult (or as I'd like to think, less meaningful). 

In my ideal world, I'd have all these jobs automated allowing people to do only things they would do if money was out of the question.

I'm very inspired by the motto of 'Automate everything' and will have that as the guiding principle for everything I build. 

If you have a drink in your hand, here's to a world Larry Page envisages as well, where technology does the hard work allowing people to do what makes them happiest. And here's to building that world.

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