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Master Yoda may help you find your passion

"Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is."
- Jedi Master Yoda (in Attack of the Clones)

In Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan is trying to locate the planet Kamino, which has been erased from all records in the Jedi archives. When he approaches Yoda - in the middle of a lightsaber class with younglings - for help, Yoda turns to the students. And one of them nails it, saying that it's missing because someone erased it. 

We start living life in the extremes, until we slowly start learning what we are expected to conform to, as we grow up. Children have no idea what they're expected to conform to, so they throw a lot of tantrums, they crave attention, they day-dream about why things are the way they are and how they'd like them to be, they ask 'why' a lot (Why is the sky blue?), until they grow up. 

But, some people continue to nurture their inner child, and continue to keep day-dreaming and keep asking 'why'. That's how we have the theory of relativity. Einstein dreamt about what a man traveling at the speed of light would see, and found an answer.

Some say you ought to find your calling and do what you're passionate about and some say there is no such thing as your calling and you ought to learn to be passionate about whatever it is that you do. I'm with the second set of people as I have personally experienced that I can be passionate about anything I set my mind to. Now, setting your mind to do something is the hard part.

Perhaps Master Yoda's wise words ought to help with how to go about it. Open up your mind like a child does and nothing is obvious anymore. No more assumptions. This turns everything to a question. And the more answers you discover, the more passionate you become. 

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