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Like a plant spewing out seeds

There is this famous 2-list strategy attributed to Warren Buffett. You first make a list of the 25 most important things that you want to achieve (list 1). Then you select 5 that are the most important among these 25 (list 2). Then, you focus all your energies on these five and forget about the other twenty completely, as they will only prove to be a distraction to achieving the other five.

The thinking is that we all have a finite amount of time and resources that we ought to use judiciously in order to do well in something. This means understanding what the important aspects are and what the less important aspects are that can take a back-seat.

I have a rule similar to this. Only do things that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. We all have only 168 hours a week and in that time, there is only so much we can do. Instead of doing something different each week, I only do things that I can do week after week until I take it to a natural conclusion.

And not a lot of thought has to go into selecting these things. A plant generates thousands of seeds of which only a handful grow into new plants of their own.

Similarly, the things you do should be like a plant spewing out seeds. You keep trying every new thing that you feel like, but you can only do a handful of them for a sustained period, week after week. And you will naturally pick only those that you enjoy and those that you see adding value to yourself. 

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