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Democratisation of tools and closed-off circles

Previously, if someone went to a reputed university, they had an advantage over the others. They had access to the teachings of professors and libraries full of interesting and informative books, and to others like them that were seeking the same knowledge.

Not anymore. Today, anyone with an Internet connection has access to all of these things.

It doesn't matter what we do. If we write, we have access to all the tools that JK Rowling does. If we write code, we have access to all the tools that an employee at Google does. If we create music, we have access to all the tools that Taylor Swift does.

The tools have been democratised. The knowledge has been democratised. We don't have to leave our living room in order to seek and find. We have it all.

But what we don't have is the access to closed-off circles.

But then again, JK Rowling and Google and Taylor Swift didn't have access to closed-off circles either when they started off.

But they did have access to all the same tools that we do.

We can continue doing what we used to do previously and seek (in vain) to gain entry to the closed-off circles by proxy - by going to the right universities, by making the right friends, etc.

Or we can pick up the tools and create art that touches.

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