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One day I will...

Do you have a list of items that follow that sentence? Do you have a list of things that you want to one day be able to do? 

If not, maybe it is time to think about it and create one.

But in all probability, you have one.

There are two ways to look at such a list.

One, as a bucket list, or in other words, a closet that you will not look in until perhaps it is too late.

The other, as a starting point to spend your time and energy in ticking things off that list.

One will let you lead your life like a feather and go where the wind blows.

The other will let you build sails and oars so that you can take control and steer in the direction you want to move.

When you are in school, you have this option. When you are working at a company, you have this option. In life, you have this option.

The option to look at the list in your hand and go where the wind blows or to build the sails and oars. 

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