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Product management principles for connecting with people

When you build a product, you identify a user problem that needs to be solved and you ensure your product solves that in the simplest and cheapest way possible. Then, you get it in front of people. And only then do they buy it.

They don't buy it just because you built something, nor because you just showed up and put it in front of them. If they don't have a need for it, they don't buy it.

There are millions of user problems to solve for. We just need to pick one that we can solve best and go out and do it.

Yet, when it comes to people, we don't do this.

We bring to the table what we want to sell and offer it to people without really thinking about whether that solves anything for them. If they don't have a need for it, then they won't buy it. Because their time is just as important to them as their money.

Understand what problems people have. Offer to solve them if you can. Else, don't bother showing up.

Be it while creating new content, or meeting new people at a networking event, or making a new app, the underlying philosophy is simple.

Figure out what the person(s) on the other side needs. Figure out if you can offer it. If not, stop wasting your time and theirs. 

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