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Walking away is never easy.

Walking away is never easy.

It is especially hard when you have put in a lot of thought and effort into what you have done so far, when you have been emotionally or financially invested, when you care deeply about how things turn out.

It could be a project you're working on, a relationship you're in, or an idea you want to ship. But every once in a while comes a point when you have to step back and take stock of where things stand and where they ought to go from here.

And that is when the thought of walking away first surfaces. It never occurs to us that walking away is even a possibility when we are neck deep in the day-to-day of things. It never occurs to us then because we are too busy putting all our efforts into making things better and fixing what's broken.

But when you take a step back, you start to think that it is an option. It isn't a thought you entertain simply because you care so much about the outcome. You want to endure, and persevere and show that you have grit and eventually come out on top.

Grit and perseverance are among the most important traits one can have in order to be successful at anything. This is what keeps us from walking away from things. This is what keeps us motivated and going on in the face of trouble and hardship.

But like anything, blind perseverance is bordering on foolishness.

When you take a step back, ask yourself if you would start what you are in the middle of given everything you know now. With all the information that has surfaced since the time you first started down this path, if you were to start today, would you still do it?

If yes, that is when you have to persevere and see things through, because it means you see light at the end of the tunnel.

But if it is a no, then it is time to stand up and walk away. It isn't easy to let go of all you've done and not see it through. But it is the right thing to do.

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