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The spider and the fly

A spider wakes up in the morning and spends its entire day weaving a web and once it is done, it lies in wait in the middle.

A fly, on the other hand, wakes up in the morning and flies around looking for food or simply stretching it's wings, until it gets caught in the spider's web. Once it is caught, it struggles to untangle itself and get away from the web before the spider arrives. But, in vain. Once it is caught in the spider's web, there is only one thing that will happen - dinner is served for the spider.

So, the fly does it's best to watch out for the spider's web and avoids it like the plague. It is more important for the fly to avoid getting caught in the web than it is to find food. If it doesn't find food today, it can live and come back and try again the next day. But if it gets caught in the web, then there is no next day.

In all this, the spider has no malice towards the fly. It takes no evil pleasure in trapping and killing the fly. That is simply the way of the spider. It is all it knows. It is what it needs to survive. It is exactly like the fly going around looking for food.

But what's normal for the spider is hell for the fly.

I have dealt with my share of toxic people. And unbeknownst to me, other people may have found me toxic at some point or another. As have everyone else.

It could be someone leaving nasty comments online, stepping on our toes, pushing us down to get ahead, showing us in bad light for their own gain, and so on.

These toxic people are like the spiders.

Very often, they don't do it out of malice. But, that is simply the way they are. It is normal for them to behave this way to put the proverbial dinner on their table.

Which means, as flies, we need to avoid them like the plague.

Spiders can't change their nature. They need to live their lives as spiders. They need to weave webs. They need to trap flies. And they need to kill and eat them. Over and over again.

But, if we find that we are turning toxic, we don't have to share the same fate as the spiders. Because, we can change.

If you're a spider, stop being one and if you're a fly, avoid the spiders.

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