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Abridge and meeting minutes

I came across this product called Abridge on Fred Wilson's blog today.

It is an elegant product that lets anyone record conversations during their doctor / physician visits and within a minute after the recording ends, publishes a written transcript of the conversation highlighting key medical terms in the conversation like MRI, knee surgery, etc, for easy follow up.

These transcripts are later searchable. Meaning, if I've recorded five years worth of conversations with doctors, physicians, dentists, etc and I search for something related to my blood pressure or my root canal, then every relevant conversation around that turns up for an easy sort and read.

This is an exciting application of a growingly prevalent technology of speech to text and I'm keen to see this expand to other verticals.

I think there is a big opportunity for someone like a Zoom or Bluejeans to build this feature for meetings.

At the end of each meeting, it is the responsibility of someone to take notes and send out a summary of important points discussed to follow up on. And this whole task can be automated and even personalized to highlight specific terms relevant for each individual that the summary is sent out to.

The potential to scale to other verticals seems limitless. If I were a VC, I'd be betting big on Abridge or any similar product with this vision.

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