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Overcoming the Resistence

Over the past weekend, I read for a total of 12+ hours. That's over 25% of my time over the weekend spent with a book in my hand. As a result, I read three books cover to cover over the weekend, which is the most I've read in any weekend. And this is the longest stretch of packed reading I've done since the last Harry Potter book came out some twelve years ago.

One of the books I read was Steven Pressfield's 'The war of art'. It is a real kick in the gut to anyone who creates things (which is pretty much everyone) but is struggling with procrastination or a lack of inspiration.

The first fifty pages of the book are focused on defining what Resistence is and how everything that we tell ourselves to put off working on what we ought to create is driven by the Resistence - excuses, fear, a need for perfection, etc. And it is written in a language that is so straight-forward and hard-hitting that I felt like my best friend was sitting next to me and telling me these words.

I overcame the Resistence and put in more reading than I've done in a long time this weekend. And I hope this continues onto other areas where I need to put in deep work as well.

If you have three hours to spare, you should pick up the book and give it a read.

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