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The Spotify Android app has an amazing experience and it has completely replaced my music consumption with podcast consumption. Where I previously used to listen to music, I now listen to podcasts.

The best feature is the sync between my Mac app and my Android app such that I can stop listening to a podcast midway on my Mac and continue where I left off on my phone. And vice versa.

Listening to podcasts used to be a big pain for me before as it had a lot of barriers. I rarely listened to them on my phone as I'd have to play them in my browser which would sometimes work and sometimes not in the background, depending on the player used by the site. Now, all that is gone.

However, one thing that I do miss is casual discovery of talks. Fred Wilson often posts links to video talks on his blog that I used to consume like a podcast before on the web browser. But, I no longer do that as I now listen to all my podcasts on Spotify. So, I miss out on some interesting talks that I would have otherwise listened to.

However, there are exponentially more podcasts created every hour than I can ever manage to listen to. So, it isn't really true that I'm missing out on things. Rather, it isn't true that I'm missing out on any more things. I'll miss out on 999 out of 1000 podcasts created anyway no matter where I listen to them. I just listen to something else now instead of some of the ones I would have listened to before.

However, I decided to make the move to Spotify after I noticed that 17 of the 18 podcasts that I regularly listen to have made their content available on Spotify. And I don't think the Exponent podcast will hold out much longer. Besides, I read Stratechery anyway, so I don't really mind not listening to the Exponent podcast.

I now listen to between two and three hours of podcasts every day - while cooking, working out, and occasionally at other times. As a result, I feel like I'm attending a part-time evening college after work. I have listened to so many interesting and enlightening conversations in the last month alone that I don't think I'll be going back to listening to music any time soon.

If you haven't caught the podcast bug yet, I recommend you start with the Tim Ferris Show for some amazing long-form interviews. 

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