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Acting on advice

I've had a very productive week in terms of reading this week, clocking in well over twenty five hours of reading this week. And both the books I've read have been fantastic reads - 'The ten types of human' by Dexter Dias which gets into the core of understanding what makes us who we are and what prompts us to act the way we do, and 'Tools of titans' by Tim Ferris which is a distillation of tools and wisdom from his 300+ long-form podcast interviews (of which I'm a big fan and a regular listener).

About two months ago, I moved away from reading fiction and have only been reading non-fiction, which means I've had a lot of advice coming my way on how to go about my life.

As the famous saying goes, "If knowledge was the answer, then everyone would be a billionaire with perfect abs". While it is important to seek out advice and new perspectives and learn new skills and explore new ideas, theoretical consumption and the mere knowledge of it doesn't really get us anywhere. It is merely a catalyst, a motivator and a first step.

The real gains come from acting on the advice.

There are a great many things that I take away from Tools of Titans and it is a book that I'll continue to revisit from time to time to refresh some of these take aways. However, starting with this book, I'm committing to act on my takeaways and start little experiments in my life after every book that I read.

If I end up reading fifty books a year, that's fifty new experiments I'll start in a year with the aim of shaping my life for the better.

Among my biggest takeaways from Tools of Titans is to act on the advice I receive / consume. And the commitment to act through experiments is borne out of that.

The first experiment I want to start is to start asking questions. Whatever I come across, when it is something I don't know about, when it is something I don't understand, which is very often, I will take the time to ask questions with the intention of learning what I don't know and understanding what I don't understand.

The idea behind this is to cultivate a sense of curiosity about the world I live in so as to always be open to new ideas and new perspectives and not shut myself off and live comfortably in my own cocoon.

If the experiments, don't pan out as I expect or tend to become tedious, I will stop. But if they start to show benefits, I will incorporate them into my life.

How often do you act on the advice that you receive / consume? Are you happy with your answer? If not, what do you think is holding you back?

I'd love to hear.

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