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Taking charge of where we're going

I wrote a few days ago about 'acting on advice' and said that I'll be experimenting acting on new advice that I come across and find most relevant.

While I've started doing this, I also spent some time reflecting back on the times that I've done this in the past. And one that stood out the most is one that I'm currently re-applying in my life.

This is Benjamin Hardy's advice to start making decisions today like our future self.

All through school and college, I grew up believing that the reward comes after I excel at my current level. I would be nominated to represent my school in competitions, I would be invited to be part of certain clubs at University, etc, based on how good I am at doing what I ought to be doing today. Even though it always involved learning something new and leveling up when I actually took up the opportunity.

It was only when I was working at Booking that I was introduced to a different paradigm. There, in order to be promoted, one had to already be operating at the next level. And that was a lesson I tried applying to all other aspects of my life.

I would start operating at the next level (at least attempt to do so) when it came to fitness, to relationships, to writing and most other areas of my life.

Of course, this doesn't mean I was able to take my performance to the next level with the flip of a switch in my head. But, what could be shifted to the next level with the flip of a switch was my thinking and my decision making.

I would make decisions and start thinking like I would expect my improved self to do. This means, if I wanted to be completing a certain circuit at the gym in thirty five minutes, I would start making decisions like what that version of me would on what to eat, how dedicated to be in my workouts, etc.

When we start making decisions from the perspective of our improved selves, we are accelerating our path to getting there. Moreover, how we act and make decisions today is the strongest indicator of how we will be tomorrow. And if we don't take charge of where we are going, we might not like where we end up.

This is advice that I can continue to apply every now and then. Every time I adapt my vision for my future self, I start making decisions accordingly. 

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