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Understanding your intuition

As things unravel in the world, as I have conversations, as I encounter new (or old) things, my intuition is to react in a certain way, or to process what I come across in a certain way.

For instance, if someone I haven't heard from in a long time messages me on LinkedIn, my intuition is to think that they are reaching out to me for a referral. Or if someone praises something about me unexpectedly, my intuition is to think that the person is looking for a favour of some sort.

My intuitions are wrong almost as often as they are right. But that's besides that point. Right or wrong, I've started to notice that there is a lot I can learn about myself by paying attention to my intuition.

Whenever my intuition says something, it is an interesting exercise to step out of my skin and to examine it, to ask why the intuition lead me to that conclusion or that reaction.

Often, I'm unable to explain it in a logical way. It just turns out that's how I've always felt and reacted. Nothing more to it. But sometimes, such an examination begins to throw light on what's driving my intuition.

For instance, when my intuition says that the person praising me is about to ask me a favour, it probably stems from my own insecurity telling me that I probably don't merit the praise and hence there has to be another reason why that praise is coming my way.

Whether the intuition is right or wrong is a different thing. The important thing is to understand why I have such an intuition. Understanding this helps me learn my own psyche and then to mold it in a way that I want to.

This year, I've been very keen on training all aspects of myself to become better (both physical and mental). And I've been exploring a lot of techniques targeting various aspects for improvement. It has been as exciting to do experiments like this to get under my intuition as it has been to discover exercises to target specific muscle groups.

I've been sharing experiments that have led me to interesting results, and understanding your intuition is an experiment I recommend you try out as well.

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