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In the movie, Inception, Di Caprio and his team are tasked with subconsciously planting an idea in the head of the heir of a conglomerate to break up his inheritance so that the rivals can continue to compete with them.

While discussing the idea of planting an idea in someone's subconscious, they describe how difficult a task it is. In order to do it successfully, only the bare roots of the idea needs to be planted in the person and allowed to develop into a fully formed idea on its own. Otherwise, it will quickly be rejected by the subconscious.

When we come across ideas in books and articles and podcasts, the process of whether we are able to fully incorporate such ideas in our own lives has a similar structural process to that of planting ideas in Inception.

Unless we are convinced of the bare roots of what we read or hear about and develop that idea into something actionable in our own heads, it doesn't take.

This is why people who make resolutions to go to the gym everyday or to write everyday end up giving up much before they form the habit.

Unless they have a burning reason deep down as to why such a habit should manifest in their lives, they will not be able to follow through and make it stick.

If you're struggling to form habits, strip down to the bare roots and see if you have the burning desire that will allow the habit to form in the first place.

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