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Content is king...

...but context is the kingdom.

It is important to be a king. But it is even more important to be the king of a powerful kingdom. After all, the President of the United States and the President of Papua New Guinea don't hold the same sway and power.

The content for most companies is the product or the service that they sell. And the context is the size of the audience for that product.

For instance, Kodak was the king in photographic films and continued to be so. However, their kingdom kept growing smaller and smaller until it was rendered negligible by digital photography. Tapes and streaming music have a similar storyline.

While these business examples are extreme, we observe this in our personal lives as well. Where we tend to choose a kingdom / context where we can be king. When the better thing to do for our long term growth would be to choose a bigger kingdom to be in.

A lot of time goes into ensuring that we are the king. However, if we don't also keep an eye on the kingdom, we might be the king of nothing. 

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