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Little decisions, Big consequences

I've been holidaying in Vietnam and Cambodia with a friend this week. We picked a place to stay in Siem Reap in Cambodia on Airbnb and that turned out to be a boutique hotel. When we were checking in at the reception, there were a lot of brochures for tours and activities that we can do here.

While I'm meticulous with my planning during my normal weeks, I don't really plan my vacations at all. The only thing I knew I would be doing here is to visit the Angkor Wat. Looking at the brochures, we came across a cycling tour that would take us to five different temples, including the Angkor Wat, and we would cycle from one temple to the next through rainforests, totaling over thirty kilometres. This also included being at the Angkor Wat by five in the morning to observe the sunrise.

The sunrise and the cycling through the rainforests turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences I've had. And if I hadn't come across the brochure at the hotel we're staying at, I would never have done it.

The little decision of what hotel to stay at had a big consequence of a really good experience.

This sort of a thing happens so often. Little decisions that we make lead to big consequences later on (both favourable and otherwise).

All this needs is a little bit of openness to have room for little decisions that are seemingly serendipitous.

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