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The real reason

I've been reading 'Surely you're joking Mr Feynman!' this past few days, and never before have I felt that I could take away so much when reading about the life of a person. It is full of incredible stories.

He talks about one occasion where Feynman, along with several other scientists, visit Japan for a few conferences. The person in charge of managing the logistics for the contingent - the hotel they stay in, their flights, transport, etc decides to put them up in a hotel that is a carbon copy of the best European hotels, where all the decor and the people working at the hotel resemble (in their mannerisms and dressing sense only) European hotels.

After a couple of days at this hotel, Feynman calls over the person to ask to be put up in a Japanese-style hotel instead so that he can experience the real Japan. The person, being Japanese and hence naturally polite, begins to explain to Feynman calmly that Japanese-style hotels are unsuitable for him and that they come with a lot of inconveniences like having to sit on the floor to eat, etc. Feynman, ever persistent, keeps his responses equally polite in saying that he is alright with all the inconveniences and insists on staying at a Japanese-style hotel.

After half an hour of back and forth, the person in charge finally comes out with the real reason for his reluctance to entertain Feynman's request. The reason is that he doesn't want the bus that takes the scientists to the conferences to have to make an additional stop at a different hotel for Mr Feynman. So, Feynman says that he has no problem whatsoever in coming over to this hotel on his own to board the bus with the rest of the scientists. And the person in charge relents.

This sort of a back and forth happens so often with me. I refuse to do some things but don't come out with the real reason as to why I don't want to. Instead, I end up making up all sorts of seemingly plausible reasons. But, quite often, it is much easier to just come out with the real reason and address it head on. 

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