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Freaky Friday

When I was working at, there was a monthly company event called Freaky Friday. The last Friday of every month, the company would take over a couple of pubs near the office and host a private party for the employees (who didn't have to pay anything for it, of course).

The actual monetary cost of this would amount to something like ten euros per employee per month. If, instead of hosting this event every month, the company had instead raised everyone's salary by ten euros a month, the employee engagement wouldn't have the same effect.

If you talk to any Booking employee, they will proudly tell you about Freaky Fridays and how much fun they are. They wouldn't say the same about a ten euros extra a month in their bank account.

That's the irrational mind at play.

Even though both have the same monetary value, we value the two things very differently.

Currently, part of my work at Careem involves creating such intangible experiences that our driver fleet values a lot more than the actual monetary cost that we incur to provide it to them.

All around us, there are opportunities to put this in play. Be it when we hand out gifts in the festive season, or when we plan to do activities with our loved ones.

We value experiences a lot more than mere money in the bank.

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