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Purpose, Process, Outcomes

Long ago, I used to place a great emphasis on outcomes. As a result, I'd celebrate when the outcome was good and sulk when it wasn't.

Then, I came across the idea that process trumps outcomes.

The simplest way to explain this is through a football analogy. A defender taking a shot on goal from fifty yards out might end up scoring on the rare occasion, resulting in the desired outcome of scoring a goal for his team.

Such a goal will be termed a fluke rather than praised as a great way to score a goal. Because, when tried often enough, the number of times a goal is actually scored is negligible.

Focusing on just outcomes without the process is like praising a goal of that sort, rather than following tactics that consistently lead to goal scoring opportunities (which doesn't include shooting from fifty yards out).

Good processes, when followed enough times, will yield a higher number of positive outcomes than the not so good processes.

Over the years, I've implemented and improved upon several processes in the way I live my life. And have experienced first hand that process trumps outcomes.

However, there have been times when I've felt like the processes have been dangling in the middle of nowhere.

That's when I came across another idea. That purpose trumps process.

Processes ought to be derived from an overarching purpose, or they will simply feel like impositions. Ask a kid going to school how they feel about the various rules that they have to follow and you'll get the picture.

Purpose leads to processes. And processes lead to outcomes. 

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